What are the most famous Asian dishes

famous Asian dishes

Asia is the largest continent with many different countries, culture and food habits. Food cuisines and recipes vary from place to place and reflect the cultural background of that place. You can easily relate to living habits, lifestyle, agricultural produce, ancient legacy and culture of a place by just tasting its food. Different places also use different spices and separate cooking techniques to give a different edge to their food. Asian Dishes are one of the most popular and demanded cuisines and this has led to its fast-paced globalization.

There are several countries in Asia and all have their respective cuisines and dishes. India is famous for its food culture and has never failed to surprise the world with its aromatic and flavourful dishes that have come down as a heritage since primitive times. Even its neighbouing countries like China and Thailand have left a mark in the food industry with their classic delicacies. Wembley has seen growth in the food lovers’ community and has ever since experienced growth in newer restaurants and new offerings.

Kanishkaa, Asian Indian Restaurant in Wembley

Kanishkaa is an Asian Restaurant in Wembley that happily serves Asian Dishes to its customers and keeps innovating with newer fusion recipes. Our popularity lies in the taste and purity of the food served. Our signature dishes are a huge hit among the crowd. We serve some of the most popular Asian Dishes with the most amazing and unbelievable flavours. Some of the must-try Asian Dishes that can be tasted in Kanishkaa are:


  • Lal Maas– The classic heritage that has descended as a legacy from the Royals in the Rajasthan State in India. It is a spicy lamb curry cooked with traditional spices and flavored with lots of garlic, yogurt, and chilies.
  • Malabar Prawns– Coming from down South of the Indian subcontinent, it’s a coconut flavoured prawns dish cooked with Malabar spices.
  • Thai Curry– You can gorge on the famous Thai curries (Green Curry, Red Curry, Golden Curry) along with your choice of meat or vegetables. The lemongrass and spring onion flavoured native food of Thailand is a class in itself.
  • Noodles– Can anyone deny a platter of Chinese noodles that is world-famous and most loved by people of all ages. Customized according to the choice of veggies and meat, it is a popular dish on the menu list of Kanishkaa.
  • Chicken and Mango– Sounds interesting! Mango and chicken is an interesting combination and the dish comes out really well with barbecued Chicken and slices of mangoes cooked along with the mild sauce.


Other Striking Features of Kanishkaa

Kanishkaa is a popular restaurant and the one reason that counts for its popularity is the fact that we have never compromised on the quality and taste! We create authentic Asian Dishes as well as many fusion dishes and please the palate of our diners. Our super affordable pricing never fails to draw in the crowd. Every staff member is hospitable and polite and serves you wholeheartedly. Kanishkaa is a must try destination for your next food pursuit!

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