Know the Traditional Dishes of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an arid region of the Indian subcontinent and is famous for its royal heritage and classic food. People from all over the world visit Rajasthan as it holds enormous historical importance and is a famous tourist place. The forts, palaces, palatial gardens, and other ancient structures give you the true picture of the royal hierarchy. The food and the dishes have a striking glimpse of the warlike lifestyle that the warriors in the state of Rajasthan depicted. Lack of water and lack of the availability of fresh green vegetables is evident in the lifestyle and food platter. Dishes that can be kept afresh for long and could be eaten for weeks are preferred.

Rajasthani Cuisine is a world-famous cuisine as the state sees the footfall of visitors all around the world. The travellers come to the place, fall in love with the food and culture and take the essence back to their homeland and help others to have a fine taste of this hugely popular cuisine. This has led many foreign restaurants to serve the Rajasthani Cuisine on their platter. Among the many dishes that the Rajasthani Cuisine offers, Dal Bati Churma and Lal Maas deserve a special mention. No trip to Rajasthan is complete without savouring on this palate tickling food.


Dal Bati Churma is a complete meal in itself, with round Batis made out of whole wheat flour and stuffed with a spicy filling of roasted gram flour. These are grilled over a barbeque set up to get that die-for smoky flavour. The Dal or lentil soup is flavoured with authentic spices and served along with the batis. Churma is the sweet dish prepared with wheat flour, sugar and clarified butter or ghee, as we commonly call in India. This three dish combo meal is a class in itself.


‘Lal’ means ‘red’ colour. This dish is a perfect reflection of the royal ancient culture that the state of Rajasthan is famous for! This dish is a spicy lamb curry that is richly red coloured and is profusely infused with the flavour of garlic. The gravy can be thick or a little runny as per personal preference. The spicy yoghurt gravy imparts a flavourful and tangy taste to the royal dish that can be eaten with flatbreads made of wheat or bajra!

Kanishkaa Restaurant, Wembley

The town of Wembley in England has seen emergence of many different restaurants that serve cuisines from almost every corner of the world. Kanishkaa, being a famous food joint in the area, is a popular Indian restaurant that serves authentic Rajasthani Cuisine to its natives as well as the visitors. Authentic Indian Dishes, as well as Fusion Cuisine, have overtaken the food menu of Kanishkaa and it has found a special love and place in the hearts of people. With some classic signature dishes as well, the chef and the other employees make your dining experience a fruitful one. Moderately priced food and a well influential interior will give you the feel of contentment.

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