Kanishkaa Restaurant: The Brent Magazine Coverage

Article in Brent Magazine- Kanishkaa

Kanishkaa, as the name, speaks of grand value, valour, and greatness; this Indian restaurant actually justifies its name by serving the guests with all kinds of mouth-watering delicacies originated from India. Kanishkaa serves the most authentic Indian food with a twist cooked to perfection to make you fall for the dish.

The Brent Magazine Covers it All

The Brent Magazine coverage speaks of our achievement in serving our guests in the most personalised manner. Every inch of the restaurant showcases grandeur and luxury. We are proud of offering each one of our guests fine dining experience in the most special way.

The coverage in Brent Magazine is a manifestation of our hard work, dedication, and motivation in serving all our guests with all kinds of Indian delicacies. Whether it is the Grills we serve or the Biryani dishes, or the Kanishkaa signature dishes, we put in all our efforts in preparing the meals with the utmost care and the right mix of spices and herbs to get the real flavour and aroma. Our chefs cook every dish with perfection so that once you taste it, you fall for it.

The Kanishkaa Motto

The motto that Kanishkaa restaurant runs on is that we seek repeated visits from all our guests and that is why we ensure that we cook all the dishes to perfection and create an impact on the one eating it. As we believe that food is the basic ingredient of life and food which is cooked in the best way can really make an impression on the one eating it. And, once you love a specific dish, you will always crave for it, no matter what you are and where you are. We at Kanishkaa restaurant also do our best to bring in the best culinary skills and create an impact on each guest right from their first visit to the restaurant.

The Leadership of Ms. Sangita Rao

Sangita Rao, the owner of this Asian fusion restaurant always insists on maintaining our food quality and serving capacity to its highest level. She inspires the whole team so that they cater to every guest with an exciting array of food and serve it in a beautiful manner to the guests. And yes, the reason for so much of our success is the team effort under the superior leadership of Ms. Sangita Rao.

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