Fusion Dishes- A Worth Try At Kanishkaa

Fusion Dishes- A Worth Try At Kanishkaa

Fusion Dishes are a modern age food cuisine that involves a fine mix of the two or more cuisines belonging to different counties, culture or regions. Everyone needs something new and innovative in life. Clothes, lifestyle, food, all are the unique identification factors of a particular place. But with foreigners settling down in different countries, people end up merging their native concepts with the concept of the place and give rise to a fusion culture. Food is no exception and people often experiment with different styles and different cooking methods.

Out of the many Fusion Dishes world-wide, Indo-Chinese Dishes and Indo-Thai dishes have gained huge fans following across the globe. A Chinese dish with a hint of Indian spices or Indian vegetables in a Thai Curry is an interesting concept that satisfies your love for both Indian as well as Chinese/Thai food. Many restaurants have started serving Fusion Dishes as the main course menu to stimulate the insatiable hunger among the people. Kanishkaa, is an Indian Restaurant in Wembley and has opened its doors to food junkies around, about a decade ago. You will find Indian Dishes, Chinese Food, Thai Cuisine as well as several Fusion Dishes in this wonderful restaurant.

About “Kanishkaa”


Kanishkaa has a widespread menu with tastes and flavours from all over the Asian Continent. The restaurant has an Indian origin and serves fantastic Indian food. We serve Chinese Dishes as well and our favourite pick are some of the cross border Indo- Chinese food. Sichuan Dishes from China find a special place in our menu with lots of Chinese food lovers in and around Wembley. Kanishkaa’s Special Noodles are a worth try as we use special flavoursome spices to infuse classic aroma to it. We have some signature dishes as well and Lal Maas from Rajasthan, India is a popular pick. Sichuan pepper imparts a unique peppy note to our Sichuan Dishes and you will instantly fall in love with it.


Kanishkaa is a must-try restaurant when in Wembley for many various reasons. We have the best chefs in our kitchen who are more than happy to try new creative Fusion Dishes as well as enthusiastically churn up regular authentic dishes. Their age-old experience in the food industry imparts a striking taste to their recipes. Apart from this, the gleeful hosting of our restaurant staff will make you feel at home and you will enjoy the attention provided. Positive people around will make you enjoy your meal with all your heart.

Ambiance & Pricing

Along with this, we have a clean and fresh ambiance that will accelerate your dining experience and the vision and interiors will take you to a trip down the Indian subcontinent. The moderate pricing of the dishes is an add-on and you will not feel the pocket pinch in this inflated economy. Who says that you need to shell out a bomb to enjoy a meal at a fine dining restaurant? Kanishkaa will change your perspective of the overall eating out experience! Visit us and try our finger-licking menu and satisfy your foodie side!

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