Enjoy the taste of Different Indian Flat Breads in Wembley

Bread! The basic component of all meals! Everyone loves his share of sweet, salty soft bread that is baked freshly in the piping hot oven. Every part of the world has its signature style of shaping the dough and baking their bread. Some like their crisp golden crust while others like it to be soft and chewy. French loaf, dinner rolls, criss-cross loaves, hot dogs, buns the varieties and shapes are endless! Asians too love their bread and India is popular for its enormous options of flatbreads.

Indian Flat Breads are rolled flat with a wooden rolling pin and then baked to perfection. These can be either plain or stuffed with some filling according to preferences. It is much different in both texture and taste from the regular loaf of bakery bread and is a must-try delicacy. Vegetables, curries, and pickles can be accompanied along with these Indian Flat Breads to give you a hearty meal experience. You may find several Indian Restaurants in Wembley serving these Indian Flat Breads but one restaurant whose taste and class is unbeatable is Kanishkaa! We serve a variety of Indian and Asian Dishes in our restaurant and you definitely need to visit us to have a mouthful of such delicacies.

Some of the Indian Flat Breads Served By Kanishkaa

You cannot go without tasting our range of different flatbreads as we give you plenty of options to choose from! You can try from our menu list of plain or stuffed paratha or naan. Have a look at some of our offerings:

  • Paratha– These are the healthy as they are made from whole wheat flour. If you have ever visited India, then you must be acquainted with the fact that how Indians love their paratha with a dollop of butter on top. It is a breakfast staple and goes with all types of curry by its side.
  • Plain Naan– Now naan is a slightly thicker variety of flatbread, basked crisp and golden in a tandoor oven. It is then smeared with butter and enjoyed with meat or vegetables.
  • Keema Naan– Keema is a term used for minced meat. A Naan is often stuffed with a cooked filling of spicy keema for an enhanced flavour and taste.
  • Peshawari Naan– Peshawari naan is royalty in your plate with the stuffing consisting of dry fruits like cashew, almonds, and raisins.
  • Garlic Naan– If you love the pungent flavor of garlic in your food then you must try our garlic infused naan that can make you go crazy!
  • Cheese Naan– All cheese lovers can opt for cheese naan to satisfy their cheesy cravings!

You can also suggest to us for any other variety of fillings in our Indian Flat Bread range and we would be more than happy to oblige you!

Kanishkaa is a pocket-friendly restaurant in Wembley and always takes up newer challenges and newer initiatives to please the people here and give them something different and new.

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