Relish Indo-Chinese Recipes in Wembley

Relish Indo-Chinese Recipes in Wembley

Merging two cuisines and cultures is the best thing that can be done to unite the two nations. India and China being close neighbours, there is no surprise element that you will spot similarities in certain food recipes and cooking techniques between these two countries. Crossbreed settlement has given rise to fusion recipes that have both Chinese as well as Indian elements in them. Long ago, the settlement of a Chinese tribe in the Kolkata city of India came up […]

Pamper Your Foodie Tongue with Warm Asian Indian Food in Wembley

Indian food has gained popularity across the globe for its rich blend of spices and herbs, wide assortment of dishes and diversified cuisine styles showcasing India’s legendary food multiplicity. What makes Indian food so unique from other cuisines over the world is the reflection of the various cultures and ages on the cooking methods followed in different regions throughout India. Every city/state offers a unique dish home to it since decades making it one-of-a-kind. From the Aloo Paranthas of North […]


Asian Cuisine Restaurant is Ready to Surprise You with Delicious Food

In the culinary world, Asian cuisine is already famous and well-accepted. Every foodie in this world must have tried authentic Asian cuisine at some point in time or desire to try the same. This cuisine has become so popular that Asian cuisine restaurants are popping up everywhere. But you should question their authenticity should be questioned. So, if you want to taste authentic Asian cuisine, Kanishkaa, located in Wembley, will be the perfect choice of Asian cuisine restaurant for you. […]

Explore the Magic of Oriental Cuisines at Asian Restaurant in Wembley

Oriental cuisines are the items thoroughly loved by food lovers all over the world. If you are a foodie then you must love to try foods from Asia. There are a lot of people loved to explore new food joints. But you must admit that every restaurant doesn’t serve the authentic oriental cuisine. Most of the food joints prepare fusion foods. The items don’t carry the same taste as its native version in their respective countries. However, now things are […]


Experience a world of Asian Cuisine in Wembley

Asia as a continent provides a vast variety of cultures and cuisines that stem from various parts of the continent. The cuisines like Indian and Indo-Chinese are some of the highlights. The lip-smacking dishes now find their way into Wembley. Asian cuisine in Wembley has been redefined by Kanishkaa, a modern Asian cuisine fine dining family restaurant in Wembley. From majestic decor blended finely with a modern setting, this restaurant is surely doing the right things to woo in the […]

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