Add a Twist to Your Regular Meal with Different Thai Curries

You know what is the best part about food? It fills your tummy and not your desires. If you are a foodie at heart and always keep looking for versatile dishes from different zones of the world, then Wembley is the perfect place to land up. Several restaurants serving varied cuisines along with their signature style is the main draw of this place. The localities as well as the tourists visiting Wembley can’t ever have enough. With so many admirers of Asian Food, Wembley has seen a spurt in the number of food junction off recently.

Kanishkaa is a popular Asian restaurant in Wembley and has made a mark in the food sector. It serves different cuisines from Asia- Indian, Chinese and Thai. Every country has its different style and taste, and Thai Curries especially have a huge fan following around the globe. Thailand is a small island country famous for its tropical beaches. It is particularly famous for its street food and people enjoy their roadside platter. Thai curries deserve a special mention when it comes to Thai Cuisine. The sweet and spicy flavour of the Thai Curries is loved by all!

More about Thai Curries

Those who have already savoured this delicious dish will agree that the Thai curries served with steamed rice can be the best comfort food one can have. The basic Thai curry is cooked with very little ingredients but it has rich flavours. Coconut milk is the main and most unique aspect of this dish. “Kaeng” as it is popularly called in its native place, is a watery gravy dish made with curry paste, coconut milk, and other aromatic leaves and herbs. It can be a non-vegetarian dish with meat in it or can be cooked with vegetables for a vegetarian variety.

Types of Thai Curries in Kanishkaa

We serve three different types of Thai curries namely green curry, red curry, and golden curry. It is a popular dish ordered by a majority of our visitors. Our unique cooking style and fresh ingredients makes this dish a popular pick. We try and keep our Thai inspired curries very basic and healthy. Along with coconut milk as the base, we infuse the rich flavours of lemongrass in our dish made with different curry pastes. There is a different recipe for each kind of curry and you need to visit us to find out!

Pocket Pinch at Kanishkaa

Kanishkaa is one such restaurant in Wembley that serves classic food without being a burden on your pocket. All the dishes are moderately priced and the quality provided is par excellence. Our employees are more than happy to serve you the best food with all their heart. You will feel your comfortable best in our restaurant with sufficient lightening and comfortable seating arrangements. Trained and experienced chefs can also customize your dishes on special requests. You will be delighted to visit our restaurant and will surely recommend us to your friends too!

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